It's not trash…it just hasn't met us yet!

About The Furnichicks

Two moms walk into a Kindergarten class to help with a Halloween Parade and the
rest is blogworthy….

Turns out these two moms (Jillian and Tammy) have a lot more in common than we
ever would have guessed. Tammy is a farm girl from Nebraska trapped in a New
England suburb because her active Army (hooah) husband is stationed nearby. And
Jillian is a native New Englander (enough said).  But wait: both of us have 2
kids (older boy and younger girl), both have Army (hooah) husbands (OK, Jillian’s
bigger half was honorably discharged in 2005), and both love to make stuff with
wood. Its this last bit that has kept us in mischief and splinters, along with our
sporadic exercise routines, desire to feed our kids healthy and our constant lament
that we can’t raise chickens because of all the chemicals used on suburban lawns.


We started by refinishing some dressers, moved up to building things we saw on
expensive web sites (like recycled caster-crates and doll furniture), and now we
will do whatever we feel like doing in the small amount of time we have without our
children and jobs getting in the way.

We own a lot of tools. Yes, big tools with sharp blades and safety shields . . .

We have been on several field trips to random barns and houses once owned
by hoarders (and, of course, the dump). We are trying several different types
of environmentally friendly paints and stains. We are trying to come up with a
marketing plan. We would like to get more exercise and more sleep.

The question we get asked most often is: “Can I see pictures on line?” Well, now
you can:
Feel free to contact us anytime!

Or better yet come by and see us!  We have a shop located at the WINSMITH MILL MARKET, 61 ENDICOTT ST,BUILDING #23-second floor,OPEN FRIDAY 10-4,SAT 10-4 & SUN 12-4



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